Best Travel Neck Pillow for Long Flights

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Pillow for Long Flights

Keeping the body safe and comfortable requires ample cushioning. Especially when on the move, travel neck pillows are vital. They keep your neck supported hence relieving stress and fatigue. Basically, neck pillows are designed with U-design. Thus, they provide a snug fit to ensure the neck and head are fully supported. Unlike other pillows, these are perfectly designed to ensure there is proper support.

The availability of these pillows differs from one brand to the other. Some are inflatable, while others are padded with foam. Regardless of the type of pillow, it should be light and comfortable. Apart from keeping the user comfortable, some of the pillows are heated. Therefore, for people with medical conditions, these cushions are superb. With the right travel neck pillow, it is simple to enjoy an exceptional experience.

Things to Consider

  • Cushioning materials: The type of cushioning materials is vital for comfort and support. There are differences from one pillow to another. Most of the cushion neck cushion comes filled with memory foam. However, other materials are useful. Apart from cushioning materials, some are inflatable. Thus, you need to blow air, and they are ready for use. The material comfort level is what you will look at when buying a pillow neck.
  • Cover fabrics: The fabrics used in covers are also vital for overall pillow performance. We have different fabrics like nylon, cotton velvet, and others. However, to enjoy the great feeling, breathable, soft, and quick-drying materials are the key. With the right type of cover, the pillow delivers excellent comfort.
  • Pillow shape: The shape of your pillow is directly related to the support you will get. Many people choose a pillow as long as it will support their necks. But, the travel neck cushion needs to have a U-shape. This enables it to provide all-round support. Apart from the U-shaped pillows, other designs exist.
  • Weight and compressibility: The weight of a pillow is vital for transportation. Although they are designed for travelers, they deserve to be light. This eliminates bulkiness, which otherwise will create a fatigued neck and shoulders. Besides weight, compressible pillows are great for minimizing storage hassles. Therefore, when not in use, users can store them easily.

Best Travel Neck Pillows in 2023

10. CANDY CANE Travel Pillow Modular and Compact Neck Pillow

When you need proper neck support, this modular Candy Cane pillow provides a great opportunity. It’s an inflatable cushion that offers better cushion and reliability. Whether travelling in a car, or airplane or relaxing in your home, the pad is excellent. In fact, the compact design is ideal since the pillow can fit in the palm. Inflation is simple and doesn’t need a pump. With a few breaths, it is ready to give you proper support for a great nap.

Unlike the other pillows, this one is created to fit your neck snugly. With 360 degrees of support, it means there is the full neck is supported. Since it provides excellent cushioning, the pillow is reliable for the chin, neck, and head. Thus, even when travelling for a long time, no more strained neck. Carrying this pillow is simple as it comes with a carrier and storage bag.


  • Simple to inflate
  • Full neck and head support
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • None

9. ComfoArray Travel Pillow for Airplane and Car

Traveling sometimes can be uncomfortable and full of fatigue. But, adding ComfyArry neck pillow provides great comfort to the body. Especially, the pillow is created with the ability to ensure there is support and no hard spots. Besides comfort, the pad is designed to enable high breathability. Therefore, using it for long doesn’t cause excessive sweating. Providing complete neck wrapping, the pillow is comfortable and reliable for all your needs. The reinforced design is superb for creating ample support to the neck.

Apart from breathable fabrics, the pillow has an excellent feeling. In fact, it provides a unique feel, and fabrics are skin-friendly. This prevents reactions like irritations in the skin. With padding featuring memory foam, it is supportive and comfortable than other hard pillows. Thus, using it for an extended period doesn’t cause pains and strains. The cushion is light and allows for seamless carrying.


  • Memory foam padding
  • Skin-friendly fabrics
  • Double cotton cover


  • Not inflatable

8. Cabeau Evolution Classic Travel Neck Pillow

There is a need to have your neck well supported when traveling. But, without the right support, it can result in strains. The Cabeau Evolution neck pillow is among the absolute answers to your struggles. It is made by experts to deliver great cushioning. In fact, boasting 100% memory foam it ensures there is superb support. Additionally, the soft cover is breathable and soft on the skin. This enables users to enjoy an unmatchable experience compared to others. Also, the padding is balanced to ensure no hardiness.

The ergonomically designed pillow is designed to ensure the head and neck get complete support. This is why the massive and contouring design ensures there is no more reduced support even after a long time of use. The removable and washable cover is ideal for ensuring the user stays cool and refreshed. Wearing this pillow ensures the user has excellent support and cushion. With an easy adjustment, the pad can handle different-sized people.


  • Machine washable cover
  • Adjustable size
  • Full neck support


  • No storage bag

7. UTOU Pure Memory Foam Luxury Neck Pillow

The Utou pure memory foam pillow is suited to ensure that the neck and head enjoy a great feeling. Unlike the smelly materials, this has refreshing foam. Besides, the luxurious foam is highly responsive. This eliminates hard spots that can create discomfort in your neck. Designed with a snug fit, it has drawstrings that ensure no more movements when in use. The backward stable clamping is excellent for ensuring there is perfect stabilization.

Apart from premium materials, the pillow features a new ergonomic design. As a result, wearing it on your neck for a long maintains excellent support. With 360-degree support, the pad is exceptional. Apart from the pillow, it comes with a bonus: the eye mask and earplugs. Therefore when traveling, you can enjoy a comfortable nap without straining your body. The compact storage and light nature keep the pillow handy and easy to use in cars as well as planes.


  • Soft, breathable cover
  • Air vent holes
  • Premium memory foam


  • Thin cushion on the back

6. ZAMAT Breathable Memory Foam Travel Pillow

A great travel experience depends on how comfortable you are. That is why you need to add a neck pillow. ZAMAT breathable memory foam is one of the reliable cushions to keep neck safe. Even when traveling on a bumpy road, it helps to anchor your head. Constructed from high-responsive memory foam, there are no more discomforts from hard cushions. The ability to balance head and shoulder weight on shoulders is a great way to enjoy a relaxed journey.

The construction features a contoured design to allow the head to fit correctly. This means once you are wearing the pillow, it provides a streamlined fit. The fresh velour cover is soft and offers unmatched care to your skin. Also, having superb breathability, the pad keeps you safe and comfortable throughout. With the case being machine washable, it’s possible to keep it refreshing. With elastic drawstrings, they are ideal for stabilizing and adjusting the pillow for ultimate comfort.


  • Soft-touch cover
  • Elastic drawstrings straps
  • Super responsive foam


  • Gets hard in cold temperatures

5. Cabeau Evolution Air Circulating Cool Travel Pillow

The Cabeau luxury travel pillow makes your journey thrilling. It eliminated tired necks and other straining experiences. Made from premium responsive foam, it gives head and neck proper anchorage. The contoured design is superb in ensuring there is ample support in your neck. With U-shaped design, the pillow provides every spot with adequate protection. Besides, the expertly designed shape gives the mat perfect neck and head stabilization.

Once you wear this pillow, it has a perfect fit and holds into position. Due to the fastening drawstrings, they enable the user to enjoy great fit and support. The luxury foam is long-lasting and ensures the pillow is durable. Also, the carry bag is ideal for compressing the pad to half-size. Therefore when it comes to carrying, it doesn’t need a lot of space. The cover is super soft, removable, and washable. Thus, cleaning is simple to keep it refreshing.


  • Easy to adjust the size
  • Compressing carry bag
  • Removable and washable cover


  • Costly than rivals

4. DYD Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Airplane

Air traveling is usually long. The longer you sit, is more bored you become. But, adding comfort can make it fun. The DYD airplane neck pillow is fantastic. Engineered to bring all the comfort, the cushion is highly reliable. By raising and supporting your head and neck, it helps relieve various back pains. Also, the ability to deliver excellent breathability helps to keep skin dry and free from excessive sweating.

Featuring therapeutic designed memory foam, it has a quick rebound hence maintaining superb support. The U-shape is classic for retaining the natural neck comfort. Moreover, the velour cover is super soft and adds an excellent feeling. In fact, it keeps skin cozy and prevents scratches even after long hours of use. With a durable nature, it doesn’t fade or pilling. Amazingly, the pillow offers easy storage since it folds smoothly. Besides closure, the drawstrings are also useful for storage.


  • Bonus eye mash and earplugs
  • Soft washable cover
  • Quick rebounding memory foam


  • Compressing requires a lot of strength

3. Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck and Lumbar

Sitting in your car seat for a prolonged time can cause fatigue in the neck and back sections. But, stabilizing and supporting the head and neck can eliminate strains. The Dot&Dot pillow is one of the versatile choices. Unlike the other cushions, this provides great support to the neck, head, and lumbar region. It comfortably contours to different body regions hence a great way to enjoy a trip. Whether sitting or sleeping, the pillow is a perfect companion.

Despite the supportive ability, this cushion features memory foam padding. Therefore, it eliminates the hard spots hence great to ensure no pain after use. With the ability to be used in different places, it is suitable for buses, trucks, vans, and airplanes. The adjustable and bendable design allows people to enjoy contoured support. The cover and memory used are designed to last while maintaining high performance.


  • Superior design and padding
  • Stabilized design
  • Breathable cotton cover


  • Lacks carrying pouch

2. MLVOC Pure Memory Foam Breathable Cover Neck Pillow

Enjoying a luxurious feeling and cushioning depends on your pillow. But, to enjoy the best experience, a neck pillow is indispensable when traveling. The MLVOC pure memory foam brings all the comfort into your fingertips. The luxurious pillow is created by experts and from premium materials. Ideal for different people, it has an adjustable nature hence the perfect choice for all travelers. Apart from the memory foam padding, the cushion boasts a new design with ideal contouring.

The cover is breathable and features a magnetic therapy cloth. The tiny microbeads are great for exceptional skin therapy. Additionally, the fabric is developed with sweat resistance hence the right way to enjoy comfort throughout. Despite the high performance, the cover is machine washable and ensures no more hassles when cleaning. Suited for travelers, it is also a great choice when relaxing, reading, or watching TV.


  • Versatile application
  • Breathable and washable
  • 3D contoured eye mask


  • Replacing the carry bag is tricky

1. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Comfortable Pillow

The Becozzy pillow is a comfortable way to support your chin, neck, and head. This premium cushion is contoured to fit your neck. In fact, the U-design is amazing in ensuring there is no unsupported area. With a patented overlapping armstop design, it stops your head and chin from falling apart. Thus, whether traveling on a bumpy road or taking a nap, your neck is always comfortable.

The padding used in this pillow is exceptional. It features premium fillings that enjoy high responsiveness. Also, the soft and flexible design ensures the pad provides excellent performance. Enjoying an inbuilt strap, enables easy attachment to the luggage. This, carrying the pillow, is simple and convenient. Overall, the pad is lightweight and is machine washable.


  • The full pillow is machine washable
  • Built-in snap strap
  • Adjustable design


  • Padding not removable


The travel neck pillows are ultimate when traveling. They are tasked with keeping the neck, head, and chin comfortable throughout the journey. Therefore, instead of a trip being boring due to discomfort, these neck pillows are absolute.

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