JETGO Holdings Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company that offers a unique portfolio of aviation services as Australia’s only operator of 36 to 50-seat regional jet aircraft.

JETGO exclusively operates Embraer Regional Jets (ERJ) manufactured by Embraer SA of Brazil the world’s leading supplier of regional jet aircraft.

Unlike most other aircraft servicing the air charter market in Australia the ERJs are still being manufactured and are fully supported by the manufacturer.

The ERJs are extremely reliable technologically advanced aircraft designed to withstand the rigors of high-utilization airline operations.  The ERJs have a phenomenal safety record with the worldwide fleet having accumulated over 25 million flight hours without a single major accident.

JETGO holds an Air Operators Certificate approved for worldwide operations

JETGO’s services include but are not limited to:

  • On-demand jet charter, or ad hoc air charter, for corporate, resource, government, and private customers both within Australia and worldwide.
  •  Scheduled FIFO services for leading mining and energy company’s staff & contractors to and from remote sites.
  • Supply of ERJs modified for special missions such as medivac.
  • Aircraft leasing services, including wet leasing, ACMI, dry leasing, crewing, and operational aircraft management to companies that wish to focus on their business and let JETGO take care of the operational aspects.
  • Coming in late 2014 scheduled regional airline services on selected regional routes offering a superior jet service compared to the slow and noisy turboprop aircraft.